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Own Your Beauty

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The Goddess Charm

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Shades of a Goddess

Shades of a Goddess
Defend Your Flaws

ALexie’s Story

‘There no such thing as one kind of beautiful.  Simply own your kind of beautiful’ Sheila Masinde - Founder of ALexie London Cosmetics

Alexie London is a British brand that creates makeup for women of color. Whilst working in the city as a commercial lawyer and as a single mother at the time I was always rushed off my feet and makeup shopping was usually a frustrating experience for me as there was an overwhelming lack of a multitude of makeup choices for women of color.

I failed to understand why major brands appeared to create makeup for deep skin tones but each time I asked for my favourite makeup, it was rarely in stock or it took forever to drag it from the forgotten storage compartment! It probably was just my kind of luck....

ALexie London Cosmetics caters exclusively to our goddess’ needs at all times and we promise to have your favourite makeup as our main and only priority.

Our philosophy is simple: Own Your Beauty and Defend your flaws.


Defend Your Flaws

As a lawyer turned entrepreneur the name Alexandra or ALexie the greek mythological ‘Defender’ resonated greatly with me